It’s the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe! We’re gathering together stationary in Tauron Arena in Kraków  to work on tasks from our Partners and to work on open tasks: CYBERSECURITY and HEALTH & WELL-BEING.


Where? Same place, same great atmosphere! We are waiting for you in Tauron Arena, Kraków! It’s going to be awesome!

We believe HackYeah is for everyone.

The only thing you need to have is an eagerness to create and work on the solution. Obviously, you can be a programmer, UXer, graphic designer, business developer or so but YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ONE! Everyone is welcome at HackYeah!

Not sure how to manage if you can’t code but want to take part in HackYeah? Check out the next question!

HackYeah is open to everyone. Really.

  • You don’t know anything about programming? Come on in!
  • Are you a student? Join us!
  • Are you an undergraduate? We’ll be glad to meet you.
  • If you are a specialist in your branch — you have to be here.
  • No matter if you’re an entry-level, a junior, mid, senior or an IT star. We invite all of you!

We are calling for fans of creative thinking, problem-solving, planning, idea implementing, leading and also of VR, AR, AI, IoT, Data Mining, Gamedev, Product Dev, Mobile, and specialists in programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#,.Net, Scala, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, SQL.

  1. First read all the tasks. You can find them here.
  2. Read the rules of the tasks that you find interesting.
  3. If you have accepted all the rules and have registered on Eventory, then choose the task you want to work on and… start your work! You will claim the task you’ve picked up on the final step, while uploading your project.
  4. If you have trouble with figuring out what to do – just contact our mentors through our Discord channels and ask for advice! Don’t hesitate
  5. Once your project is done, upload it to the platform listed in the task rules.
  6. If you feel your project might win, work on a pitch presentation to present your idea to the jury. Not sure what you should include in the pitch presentation? Check it here.
  7. Wait for the announcements on our Facebook and Discord channels.
  8. Win eternal fame and a nice prize!

  • The tasks during HackYeah will challenge you in every possible way, this is a great space for bonding and team development.
  • We expect great experts from various fields to take part in our event. You’ll have a chance to meet IT specialists, GovTech gurus, CEOs of big companies and NGO professionals.
  • HackYeah will be a perfect place for networking, no matter if you’re looking for a job, employee or partnership opportunity.
  • The prizes are huge.


This year you can register for 39 PLN with a basic catering package (coffee break and pizza in the evening)  or you can buy a ticket for 119 PLN with 3 hot meals included in the price. We want to make sure no food is wasted!

39 PLN of each total ticket price will be donated to Nauka. To lubię foundation

Tickets are available here.


The team should be 1 to 6 people, so you can go as a lone wolf or gather together with your friends!

You don’t need to register your team prior to the event unless specified otherwise in particular task’s terms.

Read the requirements of the task you want to work on, if you agree with them, proceed. If you’re lost or not sure what to do, contact our mentors through our Discord channels and ask for advice!

Please remember, that all of the team members have to create their Discord accounts (Discord ID’s are required to upload the project to Challenge Rocket).

No problem with that! You can work alone but…

If you want to form a team there are two ways to find team members:

  • register to our Discord where’s a special channel for attendees looking to join or form a new team
  • talk to your friends or university buddies! Tell them about the cause, we’re sure they’ll join you!

If you’re impatient you can start looking for your teammates just now on HackYeah Discord and on the Challenge Rocket platform!

Yes! Just make sure that your team leader mentioned you during uploading the project.

Sure, you can change your team as many times as you want. Just make sure to be a member of one when you upload the project, this is the final declaration of who is in your squad.

Yes! Your team leader adds the crew members during uploading the project – he just needs to type members’ data and Discord ID’s. Then, as long as the system is open and works, the team leader can edit your crew members, which means that he can also add a new member. Only team leaders can do this.

Yes! As long as the system is open and works, the team leader can edit your crew members, which means that he can also remove someone. Only team leaders can do this.

Your team leader declares the name of a team while uploading the project - before that time you can change the name as many times as you want 🙂 

Remember! After uploading the project you can edit the project (i.e. project name, members, attachments) but not the team name!


There will be 4 open categories of tasks:


In this category, the direction in which you’ll go is completely up to you! We are not giving you many details on the tasks, you will need to decide how you understand and want to interpret it. The prize pool for each category is 10 000 PLN.

There are also Partners tasks.

They are unique because our Partners came up with them. The details of each task will be described here. Before you start looking for solutions, please read carefully the terms of Partner’s Task (available on the website). They all have special requirements and regulations so make sure to study them before starting. Double-check on hackyeah.pl where to upload the task (Challenge Rocket or other platforms).

Feel free to talk to our mentors and partners on our Discord channels and ask them for advice. How about organizing a brainstorm with other HackYeah attendees?

Each of the tasks will have separate rules regarding evaluation. All the details can be found in the description section of each task.

For the Main Tasks the judges will judge according to the following proportions:

  • Idea — 30%
  • Technical aspects — 30%
  • Design — 20%
  • Relation to category — 10%
  • WOW! Factor — 10%

For the Partners’ tasks please read the terms available under each task description on the HackYeah website.

You can find the current prize pool one the HackYeah main page. Prizes within each tasks are listed in Tasks&Prizes section.

Sure thing! There are no limits – your team can solve as many tasks as you wish. Remember - you can submit only one project in each category (task!)

Each task has individual requirements and specifications, so it is really hard to create "one project to fit them all". Also, you have to remember about copyrights, as some tasks will require a transfer (for winners) and you cannot do it for two different tasks. So while technically possible, we strongly discourage submitting one project to more than one category.

You choose the task while submitting your project in ‘Category’ field so you don’t have to click anywhere before. 

Upload your project to the platform required for each task. The majority of the tasks should be uploaded to Challenge Rocket, however, each Partner might choose their own platform. Check the task descriptions to learn where to upload your project.

Please remember that you have to create your Discord account before uploading the project to Challenge Rocket (Discord ID’s are required).

Finished early?

  • If you feel like your task might win, start thinking about your pitch presentation.
  • Start another task! There is no limit on how many you can fulfill!
  • You’re tired and don’t feel like doing anything? Chill a bit, visit partners booths, meet more people!  This edition in Kraków  will be awesome!

No, if you don’t like what you came up with it is not mandatory to upload it. Yet we still encourage you to try as maybe the judges will see something in it that you don’t see!

It depends on the task.

Some Partner Tasks might require you to transfer the rights after you accept the prize. To make sure what the regulations are in your task, check the rules of it. You will find a link with regulations next to the task description.

You should upload it to the platform required by the terms of the task. Each of the Tasks may have different regulations, so check the rules in the task section on the website.

Please remember that you have to create your Discord account before uploading the project to Challenge Rocket (Discord ID is required).

The deadline is the deadline. You cannot bend it and cannot break it so better make sure everything is ready a few minutes earlier so you don't miss it! You can upload a project that is not finished on ChallengeRocket earlier and keep changing it later — this way you won’t miss the deadline.

If you make it to the Pitches, then yes. The jury chooses the best teams from each task and invites them to pitch their ideas one by one. Remember, only one member of the team will be presenting in front of the jury.

Once the jury board chooses the list of teams that qualified to the pitches, we will announce it on our Discord.

All participants receive details about all tasks only at the beginning of the event. If you wish to use any previously completed or external resources, tools, repositories etc. you must fairly cite or note that in your presentation, code etc.

You can use generally available external resources - both paid and free. Remember to fairly indicate it in your submission.
Keep in mind that using a paid asset will not give you an advantage when evaluating.


In most cases - yes. 

But please read rules of tasks that you are interested in because a task partner can choose another way to submit a project. Each of the Tasks may have different regulations, so check the rules in the  task section on the website.

The deadline passes at 12 PM on Sunday. Sharp! But… don’t leave it for the last moment, the platform is rock solid but imagine a lot of people will try to upload their solutions all at once… It might lead to an accidental DDOS attack.

Please remember, that you have to create your Discord account before uploading the project (Discord ID’s are required).

Prepare it in any program you want but please save it in the PDF format — not all judges will have PowerPoint, keynote or whatever you use and all of them will be able to see the PDF file.

Make it a short PDF file, it can be done in PowerPoint, keynote or anything else. Make sure to use any mock-ups, screenshots you have, describe your idea briefly but with all the details you believe are important, let it be an online pitch of your project.

It should be a short description (more of 3 paragraphs than 3 pages). Tell the judges what is the problem you are solving, how you want to solve it, how the project is supposed to work, don’t tell them the story of the world cause they won’t have time to read it all.

It should be rather short (let’s say 3 paragraphs max). Remember that the judges have to evaluate plenty of projects, so they don’t have the time to read your 5-page essay 😉

Do it in English, please! Some of the judges do not speak Polish, so they won’t be able to evaluate your project if you do it in Polish, unless the task partner prefers Polish – see task subpage.

Please put it all in one repository that can be checked out online (GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, etc), if your code consists of few modules (API, web, mobile) you can place them in separate folders.

Please make sure that you allow Judges the access to the repository. Your repository settings should allow us to review the content

Add anything you have, mock-ups, simulations, sketches, prototypes, screenshots, let the jury see the full picture of your project.

Please remember to upload it with an example passed because the judges have to have access to it.

It’s simple:

  1. Register to the platform
  2. Register for our hackathon — HackYeah 2023 by clicking [TAKE THE CHALLENGE] button
  3. Remember, only the team leader (a person who will upload your project) needs to register to Challenge Rocket.

Note: Only the team leader (a person who will upload your project) needs to register to Challenge Rocket. The rest of you can do that but it's not obligatory. But remember to list all the team members in the project description with name, surname, and email. 


Still not sure? See the pictures HERE.

One person (team leader) should:

  1. set up an account on ChallengeRocket platform and join HackYeah

  2. go to  HackYeah 2023 and clik on [Create team]
    NOTE: Provide a well-thought team name (it’s not editable)
  3. click on [ADD YOUR PROJECT] and fill in the submission form
    NOTE: In the ‘Project description’ field, enter the names, surnames and email addresses  of the all team members. You can edit your project until the deadline.



Still not sure? See the pictures HERE.

Important! Only the team leader can edit the project submission. We strongly recommend all teams uploading to Challenge Rocket to follow the instructions.

Basic Information

Category [MANDATORY]:
Choose the category (task) you want your project to be uploaded to

Important! One project can be submitted to only one task. If you’re working on different projects and will be uploading two different solutions, you have to choose the appropriate category (task) for each solution.

Title of the project [MANDATORY]:
In English. No longer than 5 words.

Project description

Description [MANDATORY]:
In this field, enter the names and surnames of the team members and your project description (in English, no more than 500 words)

Files and external links

Image gallery [MANDATORY]:
You can upload screenshots, prototype interface, etc. You have to upload at least one image to submit project

Presentation [MANDATORY]:
In English. In PDF or PDF + PPTX (Power Point). No more than 10 slides.

Either video of your project or team member explaining the project. No longer than 60 seconds. In English.

Demo Link [OPTIONAL]:
Make sure to provide login information

Repository URL [OPTIONAL]:
Everything in one repository (if your project has different modules please put them in separate folders). Available to view online.

But please read rules of tasks that you are interested in because a task partner can require some things mentioned above (e.g. optional repository url) as mandatory. The more items you submit, the better the jury will understand your solution.

Still not sure? See the pictures HERE.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions to organizers on our Discord channels. This is a space, where we come with all answers about Challenge Rocket. We will help you with pleasure 🙂 


A mentor is a specialist in a specific field, whose task during a hackathon is to support a participant in working on a project by sharing his or her knowledge and experience and encouraging discussion among participants. Mentors can be representatives of the partner who authored the task or completely independent specialists.

In practice, the mentor answers questions asked by the participant, which can range from strictly technical ones related to, for example, the programming language, to substantive ones related to data published by the partner or the validity of the proposed solutions, to general, informal questions such as: "does this even make sense?" or related to the presentation of the idea itself.

The mentor's support consists of helping the participant refine the idea, and when the participant gets lost or "stuck" - guiding them on the right track.

Mentors' support is also appreciated when conducting team building. With a broader perspective, mentors often help participants assemble into teams equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

It's simple! Just fill out the application form available here. Point out your fields of specialization and strengths. describe how you can mentor our attendees. Let us know you! 🙂

The full list of mentors ready to help is here.

Mentors always have a special space in the hackathon. In Tauron Arena Kraków you can meet a mentor on level 0, next to the main coding zone - it will be tagged as "Mentors Village" 🙂

Apart from the above, you can find mentors on Discord. Feel free to ask questions in the specific task channel or send them a direct message. Mentors have a "MENTOR |" prefix in their display names and are tagged by the green role "Mentor". 

We don't require knowledge of the language at a certain level confirmed by a certificate. However, you need to remember that among the participants of HackYeah there are people of different nationalities and their percentage is growing every year. 

It may happen that you will be asked a question by an English-speaking participant - the most important thing is to be able to communicate with him/her 🙂


Yes! The registration will be open all the time so you can register online and join us even in the middle of the night!

Jasne! Organizatorzy wydarzenia i uczestnicy będą komunikować się także po polsku, więc nie musisz się martwić.

Pamiętaj tylko, że prezentacja Twojego projektu (w większości przypadków) będzie musiała zostać wygłoszona po angielsku. Koniecznie sprawdź zasady, jakie ustalił organizator danego zadania i, w razie potrzeby, upewnij się, że conajmniej jeden członek Twojego zespołu mówi po angielsku!

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us on Facebook, Twitter, DISCORD or email a proper staff member from the contact section on our website!



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